• Solutions for dust and skins (husk)

Passion for your product

Whether it concerns potatoes, onions or seeds; extraction helps you achieve the perfect product. Beautiful, cleanly packaged onions with no skins or husk. Or dust-free, sorted seeds and potatoes; extraction can make a difference in the pursuit of perfection. Read about how we share your passion, collaborate and jointly reflect on your production process:


Extraction: your company's lungs

What is more important than your health? Eliminate dust! You’ve known for years: working in dust is terrible and bad for your health. But something else always ‘took precedence’ in your company… Be honest, what is more important than your health? Eliminate dust immediately and ask us for advice about effective extraction.

Passion for onions

Onions give off a lot of dust at the beginning of the process, when being sorted and packaged. JDC knows exactly how to tackle this dust and skin issue, based on years of experience with a great many business relations. Encapsulating machines creates underpressure, which prevents dust circulation. Continue

Passion for potatoes

Fine dust is released when processing and storing potatoes. The right extraction system for your machines will make them less likely to break down and you will improve working conditions. Continue

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