Christopher Ranch

In January 2019 a successful install was completed at Christopher Ranch company in the Garlic capitol of the world, Gilroy, CA. These four air systems combined, efficiently extract the dust, skins and other waste from the garlic processing facility.

The system combines cyclonic action with a filter system, so the extracted air is filtered before blown into the atmosphere. This cleaned air can also be returned into the shed if needed, for example during winter time combined with a heated shed.

The system is equipped with state of the art  PLC-system with a customized touch panel HMI   (Human Machine Interface), providing easy operation and information feedback. This also allows for optimal service access from anywhere in the world.

Frequency controlled fans combined with continuous pressure monitoring make sure the necessary extraction capacity is kept at the preset constant value.

The project is installed in close consultation with the customer, simultaneously with their line maintenance and beating the agreed delivery date.

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